GSA Information


ERG International is proud to have been awarded a MAS (Multiple Award Schedule)
GSA (Government Services Administration) Contract. GSA is the premier procurement
source for US Government, Armed Forces and VA (Veterans Administration).

GSA Contract Number: GS-27F-020DA
GSA Contract Number: GS-27F-021DA

Schedule Term:
Good through March 29, 2021

Awarded SIN Numbers (GS-27F-020DA):
711-302  Training room, Auditorium & Theater Furniture
711-305  Library Furniture
711-308  Cafeteria & Food Service Furniture
Awarded SIN Numbers (GS-27F-021DA):
711-11  Tables & Accessories
711-12  System Type Tables & Accessories
711-16  Upholstered Seating
711-17  Multiple Seating
711-18  Multipurpose Seating
711-19  Stacking Chairs & Dollies

For additional details of this contract, please contact Diane Zemliak, ERG Contract Administrator:

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